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The number of options available for senior care has grown exponentially over the past few decades. Today you not only have the option of whether to keep your loved one in your home or not, but you also have dozens of different in home care agencies to choose from. It can be challenging to find the care service that is right for your loved one. Comfort Keepers in Berkley, Huntington Woods, and Oak Park, MI understands how important high quality senior care is, so we have worked hard to not just meet the minimum requirements but exceed even our own expectations of care.

Things To Consider When Searching For Caregivers

In home care that supports senior independence in Berkley, MIRegardless of what agency you choose you should ask plenty of questions. We know how hard it can be to leave the care of your aging parents to someone else, so we want you to feel comfortable with the level of care we are able to provide for your loved one.

Here are a few of the questions we are asked the most:

  • How Will You Decide What My Loved One’s Needs Are? There is no easy answer to the level of care your loved one might need. Every senior is unique. It is for this reason that all of our in home care plans are customizable. Our goal is to ensure we support all of your loved ones needs and plans are not one type fits all. With that in mind we send an expert into the home to speak with you and your loved one. From here we can assess the home and your loved one to determine the level of care they might need.
  • Who Will Actually Care for My Loved One? The process of choosing caregivers and matching them with seniors is well thought out. Each caregiver we hire is chosen because of their experience and ability to interact with our clients. We provide continuous training that ensures caregivers are always up to date on their skills. When we pair caregivers with seniors we work hard to choose caregivers that have similar interests and personalities. In this way, we hope to create bonds that will help your loved one feel comfortable with the caregiver we choose.
  • What Services Do We Offer? It is important to know that any agency that you entrust your loved one’s care to can meet all their needs. Our agency is no different. We offer a wide range of services, including all the basics such as housekeeping, meals, personal hygiene, mobility care, and more. We also offer our interactive care, which simply means we will not just drop into your loved one’s home, take care of chores and be gone. We believe that health and happiness depend on the interaction between our caregivers and your loved ones. We also believe that companionship and activity can make a real difference in your loved one’s health so we work it into our plan. We also offer specialized care for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

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To learn more about how our in home care is different, contact us at (248) 236-5627 for more information. We have expert advisors on the phone 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We also offer free in home consultations to set up customized care plans designed specifically for your loved one. 

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