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Senior Care At Home You Can Rely On in Madison Heights, MI

Comfort Keepers offers full and part time care for Seniors

Many seniors resist getting in home senior care, seeing it as an intrusion that may rob them of their independence and make it feel as if life is over. In reality, receiving it can enhance their independence and keep them healthier longer. The goal of any in home care for seniors is to ensure that the senior citizens can remain safe and comfortable in their own homes. This means providing the full range of care that your loved one might need. Comfort Keepers of  Royal Oaks, MI offers both full and part time care for your loved ones in their Madison Heights, MI‚Äč homes.

Determining Your Loved Ones Needs

The amount and length of senior care your loved one needs will be largely determined by their health and the amount of care they receive from family members. Families frequently engage in helping their loved ones to varying degrees. If you have a family at home or a job, you may not be able to be there as much as you want. In this case, you might need part time care to help pick up the slack when you cannot be there.

If you live a distance away for your loved one, there may be no family to help them out. In this case, your loved one might need full time care. Here again it will depend largely on their health. If they need help with only some of their daily tasks, such as housekeeping or transportation for instance, then part time care will be more than sufficient. But in some instances, there is the need for a caregiver to be available for your loved one full time. Those with Alzheimer’s for instance will almost always need a full-time caregiver in order to keep them safe and from wandering away from their home.

If you do offer full time care to your loved one you may find that you need help from time to time. This is a different level of senior care called respite care. This is different from full or part time care in that it is temporary as opposed to long term care. Comfort Keepers also offers respite care, which offers the same services as full or part time care as needed.

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If you would like help determining the best type of care for your loved one, contact us at (248) 236-5627. We can offer information over the phone, but the best way to get help determining the type of care that would work best for your loved is to schedule a free in home consultation. At the consultation, we can help you determine the level of care your loved one needs and customize a plan to suit their unique needs. 

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